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The Daily Playlist for June 23, 2017

The Daily Playlist for June 22, 2017

  • Smileswithteeth ‘We Fight In The Prettiest Places’
  • Montreal artist Smileswithteeth makes intricate and tender slices of electronics that are charged by emotions. His releases—2013’s Here, 2014’s Everyday Always, and 2016’s Walk Forever—arrive with personal heartfelt messages and anecdotes that directly relate to the music they accompany. Musically, comparisons can be drawn to electronic contemporaries like Bonobo or Bibio, but this could simply […]
  • Discrete Circuit ‘Circuitry’ (Impressions Mix)
  • AWAY Music is set to start a new techno-focused label called Astray. The Berlin-based brand is known for some of the finest selected house and techno lineups at About Blank, hosting names such as Derrick May, Moodymann, Omar S, Hunee, and DJ Sneak, to name a few. As a label, AWAY Music has so far released […]
  • Thoreau – Bronze Whale x Popeska – Imagine Ft. Tom Aspaul (Thoreau Remix)
  • This song reminds me of being about 19 or 20 years old and partying at the Rockstar mansion in Los Angeles. My days of clubbing and partying like that are way over, unless of course someone invites me on a special Vegas trip or something similar then I might just have to say YES!  I […]

The Daily Playlist for June 21, 2017

The Daily Playlist for June 20, 2017

The Daily Playlist for June 19, 2017