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The Daily Playlist for April 30, 2012

  • Phuturelabs – Session Five – Apr 12
    3:13, via Phuturelabs
  • For Session Five we start to nail down the Ustream flow with this 50 minute outing. Mixing up the genres with house, acid, techno and tech house the flow is right and the mixing is tight as one of our best live Sessions to date unfolds. Inner City, Boddika, Kerri Chandler, Carl Craig and more […]
  • Slam – Azure (Carl Craig remix)
    3:13, via Phuturelabs
  • Last year saw a whole host of Slam and Soma material put through the remix ringer in celebration of 20 years of Soma but it seems they may have been saving the best till last. Slam’s classic “Azure” has already seen remixes over the years from Radio Slave and The Black Dog but this brilliant […]
  • New video: Tom Vek – You’ll Stay
    3:13, via ATM
  • New video: Tom Vek – You’ll Stay

  • New video: Foxes – White Coats
    Free mp3 download:…

    3:13, via ATM
  • New video: Foxes – White Coats

    Free mp3 download: http://on.fb.me/HYMNvk

  • Electro Delicousness (Uppermost | Ryan Enzed)
    3:13, via Vacay Wave
  • Top up your prescription with this mini vitamin pack, containing two of the best electro remixes I’ve heard this year. Vacay heroes Lemâitre already had a beautifully smooth piece of French house in Appreciate, but Uppermost takes things to another level and adds … Continue reading
  • crippling dreams four (Clock Opera | Kindness | Shlohmo | Purity Ring)
    3:13, via Vacay Wave
  • moon_manHappy crippling dreams Sunday. With our hopes of making your world as magical as ours, these posts have included more vitamins than originally intended. Please silence your cell phones. The golden hot air balloon will now whisk you away to … Continue reading
  • [LP] Baron Von Luxxury – THE LAST SEDUCTION (w/ “Terry Richardson” & “That Disco Beat (feat. Little Boots)”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • take me to the top, don’t ever stop taking me higher now cause i want some, but she’s much too young

    ♫ Baron Von Luxxury – Terry Richardson

    • Who: Blake Robin.
    • What: ”Post-post-synth-pop”, like LCD Soundsystem, Citizens!, Johnny Neon.
    • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook / Bandcamp
    • When: LP The Last Seduction is out now for name-your-price.
    • Why: For a second try to ignore the sweet moniker, killer shoes, topless babe, and baller eagle. Ok, now stop
    • continue reading

  • NU.F.O. vs Wolfgang Gartner (Safest Bet Vocal Remix) Preview
    3:13, via Bomb Beats
  • Boston Duo NU.F.O caught us surprise with their remix of Justin Timberlake’s Lovestoned and have recently given us an exclusive sneak preview into a vocal edit of Wolfgang’s latest hit There and Back. We’re taking a gamble with this vocal edit because it sounds fresh and actually adds to the track’s vibe and compliments it instead of taking away from it. This vocal edit will be released on May 5th, so stay tuned for this fantastic electro hit that will have you singing along to its anthemic melody!

  • Skrillex & 12th Planet – Lets Get Down (Extended Preview)
    3:13, via The Music Ninja
  • With whatever perception you have of Skrillex, the 24 year old producer has forced the world to take note to his extravagant style of dubstep. We praise him as much as we have criticize him and through the natural evolution of dubstep, Skrillex has pushed his own boundaries to create new sounds and experiences other than his signature brostep drop-the-bass-in-yo-face style. We really do not have much information about this apparent leak and collaboration with 12th Planet. Some have said …
  • DIPLO – Express Yourself (DeRon Remix feat. Nicky Da B)
    3:13, via
  • Raised above ones head like a newly won championship trophy or a coveted world heavyweight belt, DeRon’s mind-boggling remix of Diplo’s ‘Express Yourself’ raises the bar once more to all onlookers of booty shakes & ultra cool hand claps for the … Continue reading
  • Eran Hersh & Darmon – Brothers (Tha InsomniACTS MASH-UP)
    3:13, via
  • This is a tune from Tha InsomniACTS (who fail to leave the room after everyone has left Room 1) that somehow finds an annoying little bouncer turning back on all of the light switches whilst the remaining few stragglers are still … Continue reading
    3:13, via
  • The smell of freshly cut green grass and the crisp breeze of a birds singing day is almost enough to send you back to those blissful lunchtime hours you spent sitting on the field in Junior School. Failing THAT … … Continue reading
  • Backnbloom – Music For The Modern Monkey LP [Fabulous Feat Music]
    3:13, via
  • Not without sounding like a positively weird amalgamation of U2, Fused, The Cranberries and Garbage all split-ended and slammed into an electric food blender.. collectively; the goosebump indication and melancholy presence through ‘Flicker’ and the simultaneous lividness by ‘Hollywood Blvd. … Continue reading
  • Live At Leeds 2012 // The 405 Preview
    3:13, via The 405
  • Live At Leeds 2012 // The 405 Preview
    3:13, via The 405
  • Live At Leeds 2012 // The 405 Preview
    3:13, via The 405
  • Live At Leeds 2012 // The 405 Preview
    3:13, via The 405
  • Live At Leeds 2012 // The 405 Preview
    3:13, via The 405
  • Live At Leeds 2012 // The 405 Preview

    Written by Mikey Sibson

    Futuresound’s annual weekend-long, citywide celebration of music and arts Live at Leeds returns for its sixth year next weekend with – arguably – its strongest lineup to date.

    There are things happening over the city each day, with music kicking off on the Friday (4th May) and continuing right the way through to the ‘hangover’ events on Monday. As well as this, Friday will host the aptly titled ‘The Unconference’, a live forum held at the Art Quarter’s Munro House addressing and discussing the role of digital platform distribution, marketing and promotion and more. In attendance will be representatives from nationwide and local industry names including 6 Music’s Tom Robinson and Sunday Times columnist Sean Adams. Hosting the punters at The Cockpit that evening is the pop-tinged stylings of King Charles, whose debut album Love Blood is released on the 7th of May. Playing at Brudenell Social Club at the same time is American multi-instrumentalist and pure sonic genius Juffage.

    Saturday is when the bulk of the action will take place, with young local post-punk indie ensemble British Daylight opening up. They bring their eminently energetic performance upstairs at Milo at 12pm, providing a reason to make the effort to get into town a bit earlier and appreciate the region’s talent.

    Two other young and accomplished unsigned bands playing the festival are Marsicans and The Mexanines. Both have procured a refined sound whilst traversing the circuit, with the latter winning a slot on the BBC Introducing Stage at Leeds & Reading Festivals last year. They’re on at The Faversham and Nation of Shopkeepers respectively at 1pm.

    The Faversham boasts a reputable lineup for the day, with names such as indie pop outfit The Heartbreaks and, in the same vein, Leeds four-piece This Many Boyfriends all gracing the stage throughout the day. Joe Carnall of Milburn returns for a headline slot, playing bass with Reverend & The Makers at 11pm after previously passing through the venue in 2006.

    Spector play the O2 Academy at 6:15, building on a hugely successful few months as their single Chevy Thunder gained prestige in indie circles. Most will reconvene at The Cockpit shortly after, however, to catch the Minneapolis-based Howler, who return to the venue after a triumphant show in February. In the downtime, if you’re quick, head to Leeds Uni Stylus to revel in the synth-laden sounds of Brooklyn five-piece Friends. The Enemy and The Subways clash at The Cockpit and O2 Academy at 9:15 – I suggest going to see Matt Abbott’s lyric-based outfit Skint & Demoralised at Milo instead.

    Los Campesinos! and Marina and the Diamonds head up the night at the Stylus and Leeds Met until 11, when you’ll be forced to make the heart-wrenching decision of seeing Ghostpoet at the Brudenell, Reverend at The Faversham, Jakwob at Nation of Shopkeepers or Scroobius Pip at The Wardrobe. Punk, metal and hardcore also gets a deserved airing at the festival in the newly re-opened and refurbished The Well, with Blacklisters and Eagulls topping the bill from 10. The Cockpit hosts the official aftershow until 3am, with Milo also staying open for the early-morning partiers.

    Other bands I suggest throughout the day are Kleine Schweine (downstairs at Milo, 5:30), Dead Sons (Leeds Met Back Room, 8:20) and Alt-J (Holy Trinity Church, 6pm).

    The Brudenell Social Club is the focal of proceedings on Sunday as it plays host to Matadors and 70s-inspired Dan Sartain, among others. You can still get into these performances with your Live at Leeds wristband. The festival rounds off with a 5-a-side football tournament at the Goals Soccer Centre for Sport Relief, with venue staff and bands from the festival taking part.

    All in all, Live at Leeds looks set to be another cracking party this year, and with wristbands costing just £20, there really is no reason to miss if you’re in the area.

    Buy tickets here</a and download the Saturday schedule here.

  • The 405 meets Fatoumata Diawara
    3:13, via The 405
  • The 405 meets Fatoumata Diawara

    Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara (aka Fatou) was born in the Ivory Coast in 1982 then raised in Mali. As a child she became a member of her father’s dance troupe and was a popular performer of the wildly flailing didadi dance from Wassoulou, her ancestral home in western Mali. In 2002 she took up a career in acting, but as an unmarried woman in Malian society, she needed her parents permission to take it further. They refused permission and Fatoumata took the astonishing and life changing decision to flee her country unaided and start a new life in France.

    After a few years of acting Fatoumata was encourage by a friend to take up the guitar and start playing music. “To me it was a wonderful and daring thing: a Malian girl with an acoustic guitar. Why should the guitar be only for men?”

    From there, her life went down a path that led her to work with such people as Damon Albarn on Africa Express, Herbie Hancock and John Paul Jones. In 2011 her debut album ‘Fatou’ was released through World Circuit Records, to huge critical acclaim.

    Looking at your background, performance seems to be in your blood. You started off dancing in your father’s troop, when you were very young. Has performance always been something that’s come naturally to you?

    Yes, it comes very naturally. I didn’t learn from anybody. When I was a kid, dancing was very natural. I didn’t have to do it for anybody, I did it for myself. It’s my soul, it’s my passion. It’s simple. I like it when life is so simple.

    You actually escaped your country against your parents’ wishes to pursue acting in France. How would you say it affected your life?

    For sure. It was a very big moment in my life. It was important for happiness. It helped me to find my soul.

    So you went to France and started an acting career, what made you pick up the guitar and sing?

    It was a continuity of my life. When I came to France, I started to sing so I really had to do music without anybody. I started to sing in acapella.

    When I started working with different musicians, one musician called me to say ‘No, we cannot play tonight with you in Paris’ and gradually I went through my decision and worked in a guitar shop and I bought a guitar and I learnt it and went on stage.

    So you taught yourself the guitar from scratch?

    Yes, I learned the guitar by myself. It’s a good experience for me because when I met different people, different teachers, and I said it was difficult, I can talk to them about my experience. I met many younger girls that wanted to learn the guitar and when I talked to them about my story, I see on their eyes that they want to create to. Yes, hopefully I’ve inspired them.

    So many people from all around the world have responded to your music. Why do you think so many people have responded the way they have?

    That’s a very extraordinary thing that’s happened to me. I’m really so surprised for someone like me on my first album. I’m so so happy to see what’s happening now. To know about the path it is taking.

    I was at the Guardian Open Weekend. When I heard you give simple explanations of the songs beforehand and then listening to the music, I found myself getting very emotional and really responding to it and I think that’s what happened with so many other people.

    Yeah, that’s my aim, it’s like music is very simple. My goal is to touch people with melodies. My different melodies and to be very close to the audience so it’s more like a family, when I meet you, you become my family, because I’m singing for you and I’m very natural to you and I want to give happiness and a sweet moment to the people. In that way I want to give love, and to express simple voices and sweetness.

    Tell the readers more about the music you grew up on – Wassoulou music. In its truest form, would you consider it Soul music?

    Yes, but it’s from different traditions. So when I’m singing. it’s like it’s coming from my family. I’m very comfortable with this language, but only when I’m singing. I can’t speak the language like I was from there but when I sing; it’s something totally natural, peaceful. It’s like everyone can follow me. That’s very strange. That’s why I didn’t try to sing in English or French, because I want to be very true to my audience. The difference to me is that in Mali, it’s very important to be your style and I’m trying to adapt to my generation with different words, different melodies.

    And you have a lot of fans from the music world and musicians. David Albarn, John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and Herbie Hancock and all these people have been talking about how good you are. How did these connections come about?

    It’s incredible. We don’t speak too much, we feel. It’s beautiful. When I met John Paul, it was wonderful to be with him because he saw me and listened to me singing, he said: ‘I want her in the project’. It was the same with Damon. We don’t speak really because my English is bad, but we do music together and I know them and we know each other. When he plays and I sing something, he says ‘Woah! What’s happening?’ We love to share music. That is something very special, you cannot explain it.

    Tell me about Africa Express and that whole project?

    I love this project because I met Flea, Damon, everybody through the project and it’s an amazing thing to do, because you meet like 300 people but there are maybe 10 people that you really connect with. We come and we play music together and we don’t need to speak. You meet your family. You meet people that you really want to work with. I love this project, I think it is a really good idea, it’s also very important.

    When are you next playing in the UK?

    Well, I need to check that as we have many gigs around Europe this summer and many festivals, lots of gigs going on. I would love to play more in England though.

    Fatou’s EP Kanou is released on 9 May, 2011 followed by her debut album Fatou on 19 September, 2011 (29 September in France).

    • 22 May / Brighton Festival / Brighton
    • 30 June / Back2Black / London
    • 13 July / Latitude / Southwold
    • 14 July / Larmer Tree / Salisbury
    • 30 June / Back2Black / London
    • 11 August / Wilderness / Cornbury Park
    • 31 August / Electric Picnic / Dublin

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