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Archive for May, 2012

The Daily Playlist for May 31, 2012

The Daily Playlist for May 30, 2012

The Daily Playlist for May 29, 2012

  • Heartbeat pres. AFSHeeN
    3:13, via LessThan3
  • This week’s episode of Heartbeat comes from rising LA DJ/producer AFSHeeN. After amassing a large SoundCloud following and booking a number of gigs in the California area, this avant-garde producer is primed to deliver a fresh take on electro and dubstep that, coupled with his tenacity, will surely take him far. For an example of some of his genre-pushing sounds that may fall outside of “DJ set” territory, check out his video for new single Tinged With Machine below. As for the mix, you can download a high quality mp3 here (right click and “save as”) or simply subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.


    (0:00:00) 1. Dada Life – Rolling Stones T-Shirt (Cazzette Remix – AFSHeen Edit)
    (0:01:40) 2. Clockwork – Hulk (Dillon Francis Remix – AFSHeen Edit)
    (0:04:47) 3. Michael Woods – Shinjuku vs Wanted – Glad You Came vs Starkillers & Dmitry KO – Don’t Hold Back (AFSHeeN Mashup)
    (0:10:13) 4. Zedd – Stars Come Out (John Dalhback Remix – AFSHeen Edit)
    (0:13:30) 5. AFSHeeN – Words (Club Mix)
    (0:17:28) 6. Tom Moroca – Take Me Up (Original Mix)
    (0:21:13) 7. Calvertron vs Qualver – Raw 2 Da Floor (Lazy Rich Remix)
    (0:25:10) 8. Porter Robinson – Language (Original Mix)
    (0:29:56) 9. Quba – Monster Zoo (Original Mix)
    (0:32:40) 10. Deadmau5 vs The Bolivian Marching Affair – Aural Psynapse Redux (AFSHeeN Mashup)
    (0:36:06) 11. Chuckie & Glowinthedark – Electro Dude (Original Mix)
    (0:39:30) 12. Bliss – Wish You Were You Here (AFSHeeN Remix) vs Morgan Page – Body Work (Lazy Rich Remix)
    (0:45:23) 13. Walden – Brightness vs Calvin Harris – Bounce (AFSHeeN Mashup)

  • Good Thymes
  • A funky remix from producer and live performer extraordinaire, Opiuo. ♫ Ray Charles – Good Thymes (Opiuo Remix) daftwho? MUST have
  • Ken Loi feat. Zashanell – All It Takes Musical Freedom
    3:13, via Bomb Beats
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    Dubbed as one of 2011’s most essential breakthroughs by Tiësto himself, Ken Loi’s reign on the American club circuit has been aptly supreme. Teaming up with Miami based singer Zashanell, his debut single for Musical Freedom looks set to make 2012 a year of prosper for the hotly tipped stateside talent.

    Proving a far gentler canvas than that of his remix duties for Tiësto and Kaskade’s ‘Only You‘ back in 2011, ‘All It Takes’ emerges as an infectious inaugural mark of vocally charged Progressive play for the summer season. Sweeping a divine array of synths alongside Zashanell’s catchy topline, Loi’s staggered beats and melodic substance make for a groundbreaking effort from one of America’s most promising newcomers under the watchful gaze of the globes definitive Dance icon.

    Beatport Link

  • Flight Facilities – With You feat. Grosvenor (Konrad OldMoney Remix)
    3:13, via Schitz Popinov
  • There has been some funny business with the availability of this particular remix, so I want all those grabbing hands to grab it while they can. Free DL HERE ◯ ⃝ ⃝ ◯ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝ G. Poplopavich Follow Me … Continue reading


  • SESSION: Blouse – Time Travel | Room 205

    Blouse receives the…

  • SESSION: Blouse – Time Travel | Room 205

    Blouse receives the CGI gone meta-matrix treatment from director Paul Steck in this wonderfully wandering live performance of “Time Travel” at Room 205.

  • Amon Tobin – Wooden Toy | Reworked by Bibio

    Taken from Amon…

  • Amon Tobin – Wooden Toy | Reworked by Bibio

    Taken from Amon Tobin – Boxset (2012) on Ninja Tune.
    Original version appeared on “ISAM” (2011).

  • New video: 2:54 – Creeping

    2:54’s critically acclaimed…

  • New video: 2:54 – Creeping

    2:54’s critically acclaimed debut album is out today! Watch the brand new video for their single ‘Creeping.’ Directed by Frode & Marcus.

  • [MP3] Chameo – “Hey!”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • hey!

    ♫ Chameo – Hey!

    • Who: Chameo
    • What: Electro house, like Dada Life
    • Where: Copenhagen + Facebook
    • When: Free downloads at the Soundcloud?
    • Why: I know what you’re thinking; Taylor? Writing on TBE again? It can’t be true. What’s that? You had no idea I left? I love you too. Anyway, I digress. Here we have a mash of electro, a little dash of the good part of the 80ies, along with a sprinkling of hip-hop.
    • continue reading

  • [EP] Foxes – WARRIOR (w/ “Warrior” & “Let Go For Tonight”)
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • and you won’t know anything about it until you have to live without it

    ♫ Foxes – Let Go For Tonight (Demo)

    More Foxes! This girl can basically do no wrong. Her debut EP Warrior is out now and while it is conspicuously missing the epic “Youth” it features the rousing “White Coats” as well as the sparser “Let Go For Tonight” and the piano-led “Warrior.” “In Her Arms” is the one track I haven’t heard yet but I can still name Warrior one … continue reading

  • [MP3] Ghost Beach – “Miracle”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • i never wanted to work for pieces of paper but i guess that’s all i get

    ♫ Ghost Beach – Miracle

    Remember when Ghost Beach absolutely slayed at our SXSW show? I do. While cranking up “Miracle” won’t come close to recreating what I was lucky enough to witness, it will drastically improve whatever you are doing at the moment. Hello summer!… continue reading

  • [MP3] Team Me – “Weathervanes and Chemicals”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • and the brakeman is obviously sleeping ’cause this train is going faster than light

    ♫ Team Me – Weathervanes and Chemicals

    Norway’s Team Me just offered up this jam as a free download so if you haven’t wrapped yourself up in it’s singalong chorus yet it’s time you do. And catch them live too.… continue reading

  • Two new summer disco treats from Fare Soldi [mp3 + music video]
    3:13, via Salacious Sound
  • Fare Soldi on Facebook I was riding the train home yesterday listening to a random selection of recent releases, and a track came on that was so good I had […]
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The Daily Playlist for May 28, 2012

The Daily Playlist for May 27, 2012

  • Dirtyloud Weekend
  • Next week on Friday June 8th at Royal Melbourne Hotel, come check out one of the biggest events of the year. Headlining is Dirtyloud, who have been making huge waves in the industry. Also featuring some of Melbourne’s best heavy electronic talent, including Your Ol’ Lady! Also, I’m playing, so you know things will get […]
  • Florence + The Machine – Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)
    3:13, via The Music Ninja
  • Quite possibly the best tracks from Florence + The Machine‘s new album Ceremonials, ‘Spectrum’ gets a bouncy face-lift from beloved superstar producer Calvin Harris. Being die hard fans of Florence + The Machine ourselves, we were skeptical of a dance remix ruining the powerful essence of the original. Calvin Harris manipulates vocals over a less pronounce house bassline ultimately serving its justice. Listen below and tell us what you think? Florence + The Machine – Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)
  • [Electro-pop] Icona Pop – I Love It
    3:13, via The Music Ninja
  • By now, it almost goes without saying that the European electro-pop scene has been releasing singles that are miles ahead of their Stateside competition. Back in 2004 we were blown away by Norway’s Annie, with her track that managed to score 17th on Pitchfork’s Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s, and their eastern neighbors, Sweden, have been consistently blowing us away with acts like The Tough Alliance, Robyn, and The Knife. Looking to join their ranks (and, in my mind, …
  • LOU BEGA vs. MAJOR LAZER – Hold The Mambo No. 5 (Bo Cendars’s Mambohton Remix)
    3:13, via
  • Oh Yes! I bet you though Lou Bega had fallen off the side of world back in 1999.. but no.. Bo Cendars saw that he was in need of some help, pulled him back up onto a level playing field.. dusted him off.. and proceeded on giving him a solid 2012 / Major Lazer re-lick that works […]
  • FOSTER THE PEOPLE – Call It What You Want (Ron Flieger Remix)
    3:13, via
  • It is born. It excites. It never fails to go away. Its Foster The Peoples’ ‘Call It What You Want’ – summed up by a Ron Flieger remix that once more reminds us that FTP are one heck of a group globally. For a trio that always manages to embrace any dazzling display of live performance flawlessly […]
  • Barletta + Gianni Marino – Drop Out
    3:13, via
  • It’s an oldie, but DJ Barletta & Gianni Marino’s “Drop Out” is by far one of my all time favourite summer club instrumentals. It has huge peaks and even bigger drops. It’s simple, soft, yet oh so powerful. Pretty much everything a synth anthem ought to have. You could play this while cruising the beach and […]
  • DANO CUBE – Expansion
    3:13, via
  • Growling and snarling like a medieval beast that was let loose into the non-fictional world by turning over the pages of The Lord Of The Rings too quickly, Honduras’s Dano Cube expertly hones a clean-cut, right-down-the-middle dichotomy of uncelestial pumping techno beats that sit proudly on the thrones of all eclectic driven dance floors that […]
  • DIRTY DISCO YOUTH – We Own The World (Kommander Keen Remix)
    3:13, via
  • Introducing a most welcomed lick of paint covering all walls of electronic fire-it-up dimensions, German patriot Kommander Keen strengthens his mould through a command of stringent discipline and belt-whipping, axel-grinding showmanship. On the bonus preview below is one of Trash de Disco Records latest, highlighting a dance floor destroyer candidate in the shape of ‘Hey […]
  • Introducing.. DJ BEAU
    3:13, via
  • Born in Vancouver, Canada and now residing in Los Angeles, California, DJ Beau has dropped us two of her rather unique and Junior Vasquez reminiscent melodies – that are not only full of exciting potential, but are full of enriched looped drums and eyebrow-raising emotive chords. Serving no justice whatsoever when these mixes are not […]
    3:13, via
  • If the essence of collaboration and vocal dental-work can come easily to the likes of Tiësto/Busta Rhymes, Oliver/Adam Lambert, Deadmau5/Chris James and Dada Life/Cheryl Cole, then it’s no surprise that Charlotte, North Carolina’s resident Ryan Crabtree has taken this bull by its horns and calmed a very big storm in a tea cup through his re-working […]