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The Daily Playlist for September 29, 2012

The Daily Playlist for September 28, 2012

The Daily Playlist for September 27, 2012

The Daily Playlist for September 26, 2012

  • Max Cooper’s Decibel Mix
  • Max Cooper’s Decibel Mix
  • As most XLR8R readers are likely aware, the annual Decibel Festival is descending upon Seattle this week, and bringing with it a stunning array of electronic artists. Given our excitement about the festivities, we’re running a special series of Decibel-themed content throughout the week, and have elected to include our weekly podcast as part of that. Making that choice was easy; much harder was actually choosing an artist to do said podcast, as the festival line-up literally features dozens of producers and DJs whose names have appeared on XLR8R over the years. In the end, we decided to go with someone who might seem a bit unexpected—Max Cooper. Admittedly, the UK producer isn’t someone whose name loudly rings out. Much like his music, the man’s profile is understated, to say the least. Yet he’s also a seasoned artist who continues to turn out quality music; his lengthy discography is full of releases that can ostensibly be categorized as techno, albeit a melodic, cinematic strain of techno with hints of glitch and a quiet elegance that’s unique to the genre.

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  • Madonna calls Obama a “black Muslim” on stage; defends remark as “ironic”
  • Swizz Beatz named “Global Ambassador” for New York City’s hospital services
  • Producer/rapper Swizz Beatz’s extra-musical activities have come under unwelcome scrutiny in the past twelve months. Although some of his side ventures have been decidedly benign – designing trainers for Reebok, for example – the rapper’s supposed stint as CEO of verboten […]
  • Velvetine – The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix)
  • Seven Lions (Jeff Montalvo) latest remix is out today on Beatport! This time around the master of melodic dubstep tunes and remixes took Velvetine The Great Divide and turned the production into a unique dub trance-step style track. These remixes were released as a package under the Anjunabeats label. For those of you who don’t remember, Velvetine is the moniker of Myon & Shane 54 and Aruna. ‘The Great Divide’ just released not too long […]
  • Theme Park – Jamaica (Gigamesh Remix)
  • It’s a god-sent beautiful day in this tropical island of the Dominican Republic and also god-sent was the way this tune came up as the first song I heard today upon hitting play on my iTunes. Being born and raised in this island made me somewhat immune to the gifts it came with. I guess […]
  • Crystal Fighters – At Home (Passion Pit Remix)
  • Once upon a time, I used to DJ for an independent radio station. I would spin all kinds of electro/hiphop/funk from 3AM to 6AM. My favorite pastime, aside from dancing all over the studio, was the last song of my 3-hour set. For me, it was a culmination of neurotic, sleepless energy and several hours […]
  • Jonas Rathsman -W4W (Women 4 Weapons)
  • I reside in a futuristic, utopian society (in space, natch) where all music is free and all artists have the financial freedom to pursue whatever their heart desires at all times. In this dream realm, torrents, RARs, and liking Facebook pages for songs do not exist. There is also a musical Brita, through which only […]
  • Yeasayer – Fingers Never Bleed
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “To be yourself in world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  Pitting our own decisions against others’ can be a very difficult task. For city dwellers there is an additional level of noise combined with our subconscious trying to make these decisions.  Internal […]
  • POP | Kesha – Die Young
  • Ke$ha is still around doing the white girl party sing/rap thing. Comeback?
  • VIDEO: CITIZENS! – True Romance
  • UK’s five-piece CITIZENS! have unveiled the video for their new single, “True Romance,” off their debut album, HERE WE ARE, out now on Kitsuné. The video was directed by We Are From La. Watch it below.

  • VIDEO: Miike Snow – Pretender
  • Swedish electro-pop trio Miike Snow have unveiled the video for “Pretender,” off their sophomore LP, Happy to You, out now via Downtown Records/Universal Republic Records. The video was directed by Vern Moen. Watch it below.

  • VIDEO: Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows
  • Los Angeles quartet Dum Dum Girls have unveiled the video for their new single, “Lord Knows,” off their latest EP, End Daze, out now on Sub Pop. The video was directed by Christin Turner. Watch it below.

  • [STREAM/VIDEO] Years and Years – “I Wish I Knew”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • if you wear this night you can see forever

    • Who: Noel, Mikey, Olivier, Emre, & Olly
    • What: Delicate electronic indie rock, like Bombay Bicycle Club, Professor Penguin, Black Light Dinner Party
    • Where: London, UK + Facebook
    • When: Buy ” I Wish I Knew” now with B-Side “The Whale”
    • Why: If you can, hear this song as you watch it. The simple 1-room performance style video is uniquely and magically enjoyable in a way that is a
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  • [MP3] Midnight Spin – “Neuroin”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • when they bring down the hammer, no more discussion

    ♫ Midnight Spin – Neuroin

    • Who: Mike, Jim, Danny, Ben, Jeremy
    • What: Locomotive rock, like The Royal Concept, The Danks, Fang Island
    • Where: NYC + Facebook
    • When: Buy “Neuroin” now.
    • Why: Double check your hinges ’cause they about to get blown off! Midnight Spin bring the rock like it’s going out of style, ripping through guitar riffs like 2am Doritos, and topping it all off with triple stacked hooks.
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  • [LP] Tycho – DIVE (w/ “Hours”)
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • ♫ Tycho – Hours

    • Who: Scott Hansen
    • What: Tropical Spacewave , like Poolside, Com Truise
    • Where: San Francisco, CA + Facebook
    • When: Buy Dive now.
    • Why: When he isn’t designing gorgeous things or running the addictive blog named after his design moniker ISO50, Scott Hansen makes beautiful music that defies everything you thought you knew about the word ‘chillwave.’ His instrumental songs are true journeys, taking you over hills and through valleys, across plains and into the
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  • [MP3] Sky Ferreira – “Everything is Embarrassing”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • maybe if you let me be your lover, maybe if you tried then I would not bother

    ♫ Sky Ferreira – Everything is Embarrassing

    • Who: Sky Ferreira and friends
    • What: Coastal chill funk, like Blood Orange, Kisses, Wild Nothing
    • Where: NYC + Facebook
    • When: Buy the Ghost EP on October 2nd.
    • Why: She got her start over 2 years ago with the bleepy-bloopy Boodshy & Avant produced groover ”One” and a chart topping “Animal” cover but now this major label project has found
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  • Hip Hop 2.0
    3:13, via Salacious Sound
  • In 2006 Nas announced to the world Hip Hop was dead. He was probably right. Since that obituary, Emcees and Producers the world over have been culling and collecting its […]
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  • Neural Injection #001
    3:13, via Salacious Sound
  • Ez, music lovers. Hope your week has gotten off to a good start. My name is adept, and this is the first edition of Neural Injection. Each week in this […]
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  • Crystal Castles – Plague (Video)
    3:13, via The Music Ninja
  • Canadian duo Crystal Castles unleashed the explosive, heart-palpitating “Plague” in July, and now they’ve released a more-than-appropriate music video starring a madwoman who writhes and thrashes around in a dimly-lit hallway as though she’s possessed. Directed by Ivan Grbin, it’s a series of frightening and psychotic scenes, and exactly the kind of visuals the wild track conjures up. Crystal Castles album was recently pushed back to November, but they plan to release a new single called “Wrath Of God” tomorrow, …