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Archive for December, 2012

The Daily Playlist for December 31, 2012

  • The Partysquad – Rising Sun
  • No music has the universal appeal like reggae music. Reggae’s pure, unrelenting optimism transcends every culture, race, and continent. Even when the saddest of lyrics about the bleakest of topics (although rare, think Marley’s “War”) can feel like the happiest of songs when coupled with some steel drums and a reggae beat. Because reggae simply […]
  • M∆de in Heights – Skylark Interabang!
  • There are some songs that you listen to passively. They resonate with you, but only for the three minute or so time mark after which they dissolve into the atmosphere. Then there are songs that resonate through your whole body and when the track ends you dissolve with it. Some songs become an extension of […]
  • introducing: Houston
  • image

    Houston is a swedish R&B-influenced dream pop act that have recently released their debut EP “Demo” for free on their Bandcamp site. The band consists of production trio Sum Comfort and singer Stella Faith. You can stream “Demo” in its full beauty below, and check out the video for the EP’s standout track “Eldflugor” as well. (via)

    Demo by Hstn

  • [STREAM] Exsonvaldes – “Seahorses”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • Exsonvaldes - Seahorses

    i understand why this won’t last

    • Who: Simon and 3 others.
    • What: Chill indie pop, like Death Cab, Digits, No
    • Where: Paris, France + Facebook
    • When: New LP Lights out March 18
    • Why: Exsonvaldes are French. So French that most of their Facebook is in French. Exsonvaldes has also been around a while. Such a while that they were founded in 2000. So how do they only have 2.5K likes on Facebook? Because the music world
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    3:13, via
  • For fans of Beth Orton, Tom Waits or Nick Cave, Anti Records is the sister label of Epitaph Records. Founded in 1999 with an initial focus on punk rock, Anti Records has now moved its focus across the worlds of country, indie, rock, folk, soul, hip-hop, rap and reggae. Managed by Andy Kaulkin, this label […]
  • CRYSTAL CASTLES – ‘Child I Will Hurt You (Joneses Remix)’ / JONESES – ‘Cough Syrup’
    3:13, via
  • Audio amazement granted by Charlotte, NC’s grafter-of-choice sees Joneses take on Crystal Castles alongside his own bass crunchy ‘Cough Syrup.’ His glockenspiels are out in force. CRYSTAL CASTLES – Child I Will Hurt You (Joneses Remix) JONESES – Cough Syrup

The Daily Playlist for December 30, 2012

  • Pro Era — F A Rap Critic
  • One of the most distinct tones in the world of rap, and Hip Hop in general, is Method Man.  Stop reading here if you disagree in any way. Now, for those of you that continued to read, cue Mr. Tical and start this record off with a sample of him saying: Eff a rap critic […]
  • Amerie – One Thing (Jetlag Remix)
  • In my internet travels, I’m so thankful that I accidentally came across this sexy remix. Amerie’s vocals in this playful remix reminds us that this track came out in 2005, although the original has one of those qualities that I like to think make it timeless. That is, it feels like the club goers were bumpin’ […]
  • Vaadat Charigim – Its OK to be Afraid
    3:13, via
  • Vaadat Charigim – Its OK to be Afraid
    3:13, via
  • Being someone who is not overtly bothered by lyrics or worldly events it is perhaps predictable enough that the Hebrew worded outfit Vaadat Charigim should take my breath away. I’ve lost little but gained so much thanks to… (in post Vaadat Charigim – Its OK To Be Afraid from mp3hugger. More by this artist at )
  • [MP3] Zak Waters – “Gimme Little Sign” + “Heartbreak” + “TNT”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • Zak Waters

    my heart beats faster when you’re whispering my name

    • Who: Zak
    • What: Pop funk, like Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, and Mayer Hawthorne in 1 band. 
    • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
    • When: The New Normal EP is out and new music soon.
    • Why: This New Year’s Eve is gonna need some no-hold-barred party anthems to get people moving and that right kind of loose energy flowing and I cant think of anyone better than Zak Waters to blast.
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  • [MP3] VZLKS – “Consider Getting Lost”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • ♫ VZLKS – Consider Getting Lost

    • Who: Who’s involved
    • What: Big instrumental dance, like Manu el Chino, Dangerous Cans, Step On Ants
    • Where: NYC + Facebook
    • When: Some singles and remixes.
    • Why: So a guys sends in music with the self description of “Just a punk kid making house” and tells me this about the song “I wrote this one in random coffee shops during Hurricane Sandy when I didn’t have power at my apartment.” So I
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  • “It’s a bass heavy, bass booty trap!”
    3:13, via
  • Regular hard-hitters: Seven Lions, Joneses, Bo Cendars, Sandy Estrada and the Hit Mechaniks follow-up their last visit to Aerial Noise with a legitimate twenty-thirteen challenge for sublime supremacy, and clerical professionalism across all coherent and worthy stereo gains. Retaining a balance that has all of their feet truly placed on the planet Earth’s ground, this […]
  • SIRKUS SIRKUZ – ‘Redenk (Destroy Bootleg Vocal)’ / ‘Forgiveness’
    3:13, via
  • Sirkus Sirkuz’s next two displays follow up a plethora’s worth of ultimate power-play tunage. Sirkuz continues to make his unique sound, oh so subtle. Outstanding. SIRKUS SIRKUZ – Redenk (Destroy Bootleg Vocal) SIRKUS SIRKUZ – Forgiveness

The Daily Playlist for December 29, 2012

The Daily Playlist for December 28, 2012

  • New: Wild Beasts – “Stray”
  • Wild Beasts are rewarding their fans this holiday season with an unused cut from their Smother recording sessions, “Stray.” The track may not have wound up on the record, but that doesn’t…

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  • EMPT Classics: Dub Sonata – Nights In Cuba
  • Getting the exclusive on Nights In Cuba was one of EMPT’s proudest moments, a true underground classic that has been one of our most popular post to date. Re-enjoy. Originally posted December 20th, 2010 _____ When it comes to music, it’s no secret that out of struggle comes progress and innovation. There’s no greater example […]
  • MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Remix)
  • It’s snowing outside and I haven’t forgotten what I promised you guys this past summer. I save my favorite tracks of the week for Thursdays, and while I am passionately driven by sound, emotionally moved by each track that I write about, Thursdays are a special day in my life. I wish I could explain […]
  • [MP3] Step on Ants – “The Sun and My Own”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • ♫ Step on Ants – The Sun and My Own

    • Who: Diego Ortiz
    • What: Instrumental electronic, like NoteOn, Magic Hour, Civil Civic 
    • Where: Santiago, Chile + Soundcloud
    • When: Nothing else yet
    • Why: If you thought Dangerous Cans was under the radar, then welcome to Step On Ants. The Santiago, Chile, based project of Diego Ortiz has exactly 1 song produced and 100% of its listens on Last.fm are mine. But I’m ready to share. That is, if you are into
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  • [MP3] Dangerous Cans – “Feel Something”
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • something feels different with you

    ♫ Dangerous Cans – Feel Something

    • Who: That guy in that tiny circle.
    • What: Spaced-out electro-indie, like Toro Y Moi, Egyptian Hip Hop, Blackbird Blackbird
    • Where: Brooklyn + Facebook
    • When: Singles dropping.
    • Why: This is a jam that takes you for a ride. From the crunching beat and pulsing grooves to the surprising yet beautiful piano solo towards the end. It’s a song that earns it’s name, also earning Dangerous Cans a spot on my radar.
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  • [Chill] How To Dress Well – & It Was U (Video)
    3:13, via The Music Ninja
  • A few months ago, Tom Krell, aka How To Dress Well, put out his stellar sophomore album Total Loss. Emotionally exhausting and soulful down to the very last note, it’s certainly one of the high points record-wise this year. One of its standouts track is “& It Was U,” a bouncy, 90′s R&B vibin’ jam, and here is its official music video directed by Luke Gilford.
  • TEGAN AND SARA – Closer (Xristo Remix)
    3:13, via
  • More stable than Deadmau5 & Kat Von D’s latest “Twitter” engagement proposal, Xristo lights up the sparks and lets off one hearty Tegan And Sara firework. Classy… Download the 320 kbps version of TEGAN AND SARA – Closer (Xristo Remix) HERE. TEGAN AND SARA – Closer (Xristo Remix)
    3:13, via
  • Making Kelis sound even more cooler than she already is, Eluusif continues the mince pie and mini chocolate spirit through his latest ‘AcaWaker Mashup.’ Let’s pray to God that the same common sense that was used to create this evidently useful mashup – hits R&B / pop singer Rihanna square between her eyes soon; in […]
    3:13, via
  • Going through the motions like a fake, uninterested being of bogus individuality and worldly repeated ignorance, ATO Records 2012 Fall Sampler provides you with a refreshing opposite to an overly used and a misinformed trait of accepted common belief. Striking the ground with a bunch of heavenly rock matches on this sampler, is a couple […]

The Daily Playlist for December 27, 2012

  • Scenic — Another Sky (The Magician Remix)
  •   I lost you in a dream that day my memory is so far away.” Last week I couldn’t sleep for about three entire days.  I’m not saying that I didn’t rest, I’m saying that I could not sleep.  My mind wouldn’t shut off for anything in this world.  My thoughts were racing and continuing […]
  • Ultraista – Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)
  • Stop with the small talk Won’t you Don’t wanna feed the nightmare Sharp memory talks I hear around the room Don’t wanna hear no more Hear no more from you.” These piercing vocals offer us an entrancing introduction to this remix. While the chopped up beats go in various directiosn, the vocals are what hold […]
  • Bass Report #025: Christmas Edition
    3:13, via Salacious Sound
  •   Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re having a great holiday and enjoying some well deserved time off from work, school, world domination, or whatever else your daily grind consists of! […]
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  • SCENIC – Another Sky (The Magician Remix)
    3:13, via
  • When The Magician stands up and speaks, you sit up and take notice. Stephen Fasano as the man in the black hat creates yet another Balearic magnum opus. SCENIC – Another Sky (The Magician Remix)
  • VICEROY feat. GHOST BEACH – While We’re In Love (Fare Soldi Rmx) / FARE SOLDI – “Paghetta” LP
    3:13, via
  • Released on 30 December 2012, Fare Soldi will be revelling in their 2013 shindigs a day later with the release of their “Paghetta” LP – plus the prospect of many forthcoming Riotmaker Records surprises in the pipeline. Concealed in love and minus any misdirection (the entire psychic industry please take note), Fare Soldi and Viceroy […]
    3:13, via
  • Leaving all inner thoughts to one side and not being afraid to speak about what is within, Pioneerball expose four more cosmic-disco cuts of unbelievable behaviour. It is time to savour some 2083 PB wizardry. PIONEERBALL – 1961 Иван Дорн – Стыцамэн (Pioneerball Remix) ON-THE-GO – Spellbound (Pioneerball Remix)
  • Isan – Ship [MP3]
    Currently going back through my old CDs and…

    3:13, via Undomondo
  • Isan – Ship [MP3]

    Currently going back through my old CDs and realized how much undeclared love I have for UK duo ISAN (short for Integrated Services Analogue Network), which is a go-to band when you wanna hear that calm and playful electronica tunes.This one is from 2006’s Plans drawn in pencil.

    Morr Music.