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Archive for January, 2018

The Daily Playlist for January 19, 2018

The Daily Playlist for January 18, 2018

  • Molécule ‘Sila’ (Torb Remix)
  • Following his harrowing new single and video, “Violence”—which can be viewed via the player below—French electronic producer Molécule will be releasing a remix package of his previous single, “Sila,” featuring reworks by Madben, Torb, and Sayem. In support of the remix package, Molécule has offered up Torb’s remix as today’s XLR8R download, and for their interpretation, the French […]
  • nokillshelter – “Brigitte” // Broken Fingaz
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • Visual art above by Broken Fingaz [via] A sultry, jazzy, and borderline trip-hoppy listen that will get your mind moving and/or your feet shuffling. Sampling Brigitte Bardot only adds to the moody sexy atmosphere of the track.
  • Lawrence Lui – “Honey So Blue (chimes & tremolo)” // So Youn Lee
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • Visual art above by So Youn Lee [via] This undeniably catchy tune by Lawrence Lui jumps between genres so frequently that you never really get comfortable, which is a good thing, because every “phase” of this song is excellent. Skipping blissfully between downtempo electronic, drone, and indie pop, he weaves a heavily textured tapestry of […]
  • benhurzz – “artesian” // Juan Travieso
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • Visual art above by Juan Travieso [via] No matter how many I hear, I always have room in my heart for chilled out, lo-fi hip-hop instrumentals. benhurzz’s “artesian” piqued my interest because it very clearly draws influence from Brazil, which is my favorite area of World Music. Relaxing and a downright pleasure to listen to, […]
  • Morgan Saint – “Just Friends” // Boris Pelcer
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • Visual art above by Boris Pelcer [via] A bluesy, sultry vocalist, Morgan Saint confidently tap-dances with her vocals over an extremely welcoming, and catchy beat. “Just Friends” explodes in the chorus with sensational pop vibes, and makes you want to sing along even before you know all the words. A pop anthem for a generation […]

The Daily Playlist for January 17, 2018

The Daily Playlist for January 16, 2018

  • G3 ‘RH’
  • Next month, UK label Little Corner will drop its seventh release, a two-track single from label head G3 titled RH/This One Is Moon Grown II. Like the releases preceding it—OSAMU KIMOTO’s TELEGRAPH HILL/RYUJIN and G3’s Harrington—RH/This One Is Moon Grown II draws inspiration from a range of UK styles and footwork, with the standout a-side track, “RH,” evidently produced for Teklife founder […]
  • Sterile Cuckoo – “Details in Feathers” // Audun Grimstad
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • Visual art above by Audun Grimstad [via] “Details in Feathers” is an overwhelmingly lush, lo-fi pop track that feels like you’re drowning in sound while an Angel tries to pull you out of the water. It’s claustrophobic in a good way. Let it wash over you, just make sure you come up for air.
  • RTIK – “constellation (every blue sky)” // Wiley Wallace
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • Visual art above by Wiley Wallace [via] Ambient/drone music is not for everyone. It’s challenging to get into for a lot of people, and I understand why. “constellation (every blue sky)” features aspects of those genres, adds sparse and lofty vocals, and mutates those genre ideas into a digestible, chilled out downtempo track that serves […]
  • wisemind – “Fights” // Morgan Blair
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • Visual art above by Morgan Blair [via] “Fights” uses dreamy tones and laid-back percussion to win you over from the get-go, and continues to delight as the track unfolds. With subtle and clever use of static-y Television sound samples, it’s like you fell in between TV channels into a wonderful, unexpected world.
  • Women in Love – “Shamed” // Julian Glander and Jeron Braxton
    3:13, via The Burning Ear
  • Visual art above by Julian Glander and Jeron Braxton [via] “Shamed” moves and grooves harder than a 1970s Discotheque on a Saturday night in July. Seriously. A song hasn’t made me want to break it down more than this one in a long time. Funky disco inspired indie pop at its finest. Looking forward to […]
  • [Music Ninja Radio] Episode 99: Indie Ketchup & Cosmic Crates In the Mix
    3:13, via The Music Ninja
  • Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

    <a href="http://www.themusicninja.com/music-ninja-radio-episode-99-indie-ketchup-cosmic-crates-in-the-mix/" …="…" Continue reading »